the participation metaphor for learning and culture?

In the Field Studies preparation class yesterday we were discussing our understanding of what culture is. Having studied anthropology as an undergraduate, having participated in this exact discussion in the prep class again and again in something like six or seven different semesters now, you might think I would have some pretty well-developed ideas on . . . → Read More: the participation metaphor for learning and culture?

feeling the generation gap

I read an article today by Stephen Downs of the National Research Council of Canada called “E-learning 2.0.” It’s a bit of an older article (2005), but there is a lot of interesting discussion you could have about the issues Downs brings up.

There was something that jumped out at me in particular, though, probably . . . → Read More: feeling the generation gap

looking forward to the semester

My last semester, despite a decently project-heavy design class, was focused on getting oriented to the major theories and methods in the world of instructional design. I’m not sure how complete my orientation is at this point, but this semester my time will be more devoted to getting practical experience with design projects. My efforts . . . → Read More: looking forward to the semester

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